Reliably Deploying Scala Spark containers for Kubernetes with Github Actions

van Bree — Le Friedland


As a data engineer I often have to do stuff with kubernetes.
Sometimes I’m lucky and get a client that uses some cloud hosted solution, but often they’ll have some mega kubernetes cluster running on something that is only accessible via some bastion host via a vpn connection. …

Since my childhood I’ve always been a coder. I got started with some GW BASIC, but quickly moved to C and C++ during my high school years, though I never really considered it as a possible future occupation. It was more of a fun hobby and since my friends also…

Tom Lous

Freelance Data & ML Engineer | husband + father of 2 | #Spark #Scala #BigData #ML #DeepLearning #Airflow #Kubernetes | Shodan Aikido

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